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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lay Leadership Days - Schedule

9:30                        coffee
10:00                     Welcome, sharing expectations, housekeeping
10:05                     Experiencing the Present Challenges of the Church
10:20                     Worshipful Reflection
10:30                     Leading the Church as it Faces These Challenges
10:50                     Feedback to larger group
11:00                     Discerning the attributes of a missional leader?
11:15                     Seven Characteristics of a Missional Leader
11:45                     Lunch
12:30                     Worshipful Reflection
12:40                     What is required of us?  Where do we need to be going?
1:10                        Feedback to larger group
1:25                        What is happening with Strategic Plan
1:55                        Feedback - How do you see the strategic plan unfolding in your own parish/area? (parish          groups)
2:25                        Resources for Congregational Development
2:45                        Worshipful reflection (What I am going to do)
2:55                        Evaluate the day
3:00                        Head home

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