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Monday, December 5, 2011

Alban - Building Up Congregations and Their Leaders

Alban - Building Up Congregations and Their Leaders


  1. This article is called Rational Functionalism and is very good.

  2. In theory, Anglicans are believers in the Real Presence of Christ, not only in the Eucharist, but in the ups and downs of everyday life experience and even within our own souls as created in the image of God. So why, in practice, don't our lives reak of intimacy with God in Christ through the Holy Spirit? Maybe at one time believing in a doctrine, like the Real Presence, was virtually the same thing as actively trusting in the reality to which that doctrine is pointing. Not any more, though. The author of this Alban article does a good job of explaining why. But how do we actually get beyond this deadening aridity?

    Identifying the real problem is itself a first step toward the solution. Maybe one next step would be for us to freely imagine what every single ingredient in the practical life of the church – from baptisms to board meetings to burials – would be like if the Real Presence of Christ was not merely an idea, but really real, real enough to actually be engaging together with us in this prayerful exercise.

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