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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lay Leaders Days 2014

Lay Leaders Days 2014

Hospitality, Mission and Generosity

Making Room

When and Where:                                                          

February 8– St. James, Cambridge                            
March 22 – Church of the Ascension, London                                         
April 12 – St. Paul’s, Southhampton                              
May 10 – St. Andrew's, LaSalle                     

      Time:                                     Cost:
 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                $20.00 per person

How to Register

email:  allsaints.sarnia@gmail.com
Indicate date, name of parish and food allergies

Schedule for the Day

9:15 a.m.             Coffee
9:30  a.m.            Welcome, Sharing Expectations, Housekeeping
9:35 a.m.             On the Line - Getting to Know Each Other
9:50 a.m.             Why Make Room?
10:05 a.m.           Who Are We Making Room For?
10:40 a.m.          Making Room for a Relevant Church
11:05 a.m.           Making Room for Hospitality
11:45 a.m.            Take it to the Lord in Prayer
12:00 p.m.           Lunch
12:45 p.m.           Making Room for Mission
1:25 p.m.             Making Room for Generosity 
2:05 p.m.             Making Room for New Leadership
2:45 p.m.             Take it to the Lord in Prayer
2:55 p.m.             Evaluation
3:00 p.m.             Homeward Bound


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clergy Day Agenda - October 22, 2013

  The current outline for the day is below.

9:15     Coffee, Registration

9:45     Eucharist - Bishops

10:30    Renew-al Presentation
             Canon Vicars Hodge and team

11:15    Liturgical Renewal and the Missional Church
             Church and Society: The Relationship has Changed
             Canon John Hill, The Rev. Jay Koyle

12:15    Lunch

1:00     Rediscovering the Church's Vocation
            Becoming the Story We Tell
            Canon John Hill, The Rev. Jay Koyle

2:55     Bishop's Blessing

3:00     Homeward Bound

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lay Leaders Day - Trinity Church Durham

A wonderful day with great participation by the group.  There was a sense that we have moved a fair distance from last year.  People seem to have a sense of new shoots of green grass are popping up here and there and that church is starting to move forward again.  I invite you to leave your comments below.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lay Leaders Day May 4th, 2013 - Trinity Church Durham

Lay Leaders Days 2013

Building Your Congregation’s Leadership

 A day to look at leadership styles for lay leaders and ways to increase the capacity (numbers and strength) of the lay leaders in your congregation.

Cost $20.00

***Special*** To the first ten participants from each location who volunteer:  We will give you a FREE token to take an online survey of your leadership strengths.  The survey is conducted by NCD Canada. You will need to invite at least two people who you have influenced in your life to answer an online questionnaire about you.  By volunteering you agree to share your results with a small group of people as a part of the 
Trinity Church, Durham – May 4, 2013

9:30        Coffee
9:45        Welcome, Sharing Expectations, Housekeeping
9:50        What does your congregation look like?
                 What does your current leadership look like?
                 Group Feedback
10:20     Worshipful reflection
10:30     What would you like your church’s leadership to look
                 Leadership mind map
11:00      Youth Video – Youth Expectations of Leadership
11:10       What did you forget?
11:15       Bible Study on leadership
11:45       Leaders are called.  How do you hear the call?
12:00      Worshipful reflection
12:10      Lunch
12:55       Empowering Leadership
                 (The three colors of leadership – Natural Church
1:20        Personal reflection
1:30        Group Discussion
                 How could you better empower leadership in your
1:45        Group feedback
2:00        The six wing traits of leadership (Natural Church
2:25        Some individual case studies
2:45        Worshipful reflection
2:55        Evaluate the day
3:00        Home

Register today by emailing allsaints.sarnia@gmail.com

Please indicate the location and date of the session you plan to attend, if you have any dietary restrictions and if you wish to take advantage of one of the free tokens to take the leadership survey please indicate as well.

Fees will be payable on the date of the event.  Checks should be made payable to: “The Diocese of Huron.”

Monday, April 8, 2013

St. Thomas Lay Leaders Day

A good day for all who attended the event.  I have read the feedback on the evaluation forms.  Thank you for taking the time to fill them out.  Those that wished handouts of the leadership material please note that we are unable to photocopy the material in the book for you because of copyright considerations.  The 3 Colors of Leadership book is available on the the 3 Color World website.  www.3colorworld.org

Be glad to have you share your reflections on the day with others by posting comments on this blog.

Clergy Day Schedule May 10, 2013

The Clergy Day will take place at Huron University College.

The schedule:

9:00        Registration and coffee (Great Hall)
9:30        Eucharist in the Chapel (Bishop Bob to celebrate)
10:15      Shifting Contexts: A National and International Perspective (Kingsmill Room)
                10:15 – 11:00    Archbishop Thabo Makgoba to address the gathering
                11:00 – 11:30    Archbishop Fred Hiltz to address the gathering
                11:30 – 12:15   Question and Answer period moderated by Dr. Stephen McClatchie
12:15      Lunch
1:00        Introduction to Mutual Ministry
1:30        Renew updates
2:00        Homeward Bound

Please send your intention to attend to allsaints.sarnia@gmail.com and your regrets to the
Bishop’s office bishops@huron.anglican.ca

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Strategic Plan Implementation Group Meeting 23.03.13

The monthly meeting of SPIG was held on March 23, 2013.  A number of matters were dealt with that are noteworthy:

  • The Director for Mission and Ministry reported that the Rev. Andrew Wilson has been asked by the bishop to establish a diocesan network of people who have been involved in Vital Church Planting conferences.  Andrew will be contacting potentially interested parties after Easter.
  • Due to the visit of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba the clergy day date and location has been changed to May 10th at Huron College.  This also means that the planned agenda for Mutual Ministry will be somewhat modified.  
  • The Mutul Ministry sub-group reported on its meeting. The sub-group produced the following statement about its Mutual Ministry initiative: “The Mutual ministry initiative is a process and a structure of support and encouragement for clergy in order to ensure healthy clergy. This comes as a response to needs clearly stated by the clergy to help them deal with loneliness, isolation, confusion, depression and stress.   Healthy clergy are: confident in their own skills and eager to continue to develop them; able to deal with the stresses of parish ministry; enthusiastic and energetic for their ministry and  feeling valued and supported both personally and in their ministry.  It is not the only response but it is an easy and proven way to offer a first response."
  • The Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi made a presentation on the formation of church culture that was helpful in developing our understandings of the needs that Mutual Ministry must address.
  • The sub-group working on the SPIG's synod presentation made a report of its plans.
  • The SPIG was pleased that Diocesan sub-council passed the motion it sent to them concerning a special budget committee for the diocese.  After some discussion the following statemtment was passed as a submission to the newly appointed committee:  "At its March 21st meeting, SPIG was pleased to hear the creation of an ad-hoc budget committee to assist the annual Budget Development Process of the Diocese of Huron. SPIG had a discussion about how our committee might best further that process, consistent with its mandate to assist the Diocese with the identification of Strategic Priorities within Huron’s Strategic Plan.The following motion was passed and is offered for the consideration of the Special Budget Committee: "The members of SPIG recognize 1) the importance of maintaining a strategic planning function in the Diocese including paid staff support through a Director of Mission and Ministry; 2) the importance of reviewing and improving processes of communication within our Diocese, 3) the importance of providing adequate recruitment, training and continuing education opportunities for clergy and laity and 4) the importance of wellness and support for clergy as frontline employees of our Church and its ministries.“ 
  • Following significant conversation about continuing Education for clergy the following motion was passed:  “In cooperation with Huron’s Human Resources Department, SPIG recommends that a catalogue of Continuing Education opportunities be compiled and communicated regularly to clergy for their use.”  
  • There was significant conversation about how the diocese can help people discern that they might have a call to ordained ministry.


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