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Monday, February 25, 2013

Woodstock Lay Leaders Day

We had another good day with Lay Leaders from the diocese in Woodstock on Saturday February 23rd.  A special thanks to all who made this day possible including Church of the Epiphany, the women in the kitchen, Rob Lofthouse, Matt Kieswetter, Paul Silcox and Bishop Terry.  I invite those who attended to leave their comments below.



  1. I really enjoyed most of the day. Having Bishop Terry there was wonderful - he is so spiritual and he seems to pass it on wherever he is. I really enjoyed the small group discussions. It is helpful to speak to others from different parishes to see how they view things and how they are doing. It sure gave some new ideas. Thanks so much for a good day!

  2. Share with me by Jenny.

    An article on leadership.


  3. I found the day really worthwhile especially the small group discussions. It is good to speak with other folks from around the diocese to see how they are doing ministry and how it is working for them. It also gives a chance for us to talk about our own parishes. A good day!

  4. Dorothy DeVille St. Jude'sFebruary 26, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    Woodstock was a day well spent. Good conversations, lots of sharing, wonderful reflections and a grand lunch. My thanks to all who were involved in planning and carrying out the program. Dorothy


  5. The session was very informative, getting to know others from different congregations in the diocese is always a way to make you feel as though you are not alone. Many challenges others are facing are the same as ours in various levels. I'm always delighted to hear Bishop Terry speak so that was an added bonus for us all.

    I did find that the whole day seemed rushed. I really enjoyed the 'speed dating' portion but, the time between was way too short. One person would get their point across but the other person would not get the same opportunity. If I could make a recommendation, having the info which is on the power point sent to those who are attending, by email would be a great way to get to know a bit about the topic prior to having it presented and give us paper to write notes on while we are listening. Also it would be good to know ahead of time that there is a book available and the cost, some of us didn't bring cash or cheques with us and were unable to purchase the book.

    I will say, we at Epiphany are very lucky in that Fr Steve has already used many of these techniques with the leaders within our church. Our congregation is starting the upward climb in my opinion due to the more modern approach Fr Steve is using. Churches today have to change to fit the needs of the people; with these sessions being made available with your instruction as well as individual congregations adapting their traditional methods I would think the church as a whole will start to bring new families in through their doors. We were honoured that you chose Epiphany to host this session and I hope you are able to come back and teach us more!

    Cecile Hoare

  6. Several people made the point that in order to find (and in turn, empower) new leaders, we first need to get to know the people in our church communities on a deep level. Not only do we need to work harder on getting out of our comfort zones and talk to new people, but I'd suggest that this stresses the importance of coffee hour, small groups, fellowship opportunities, etc.

    We need to connect the coming together that happens at the Eucharistic table with what happens after the worship service and throughout the week. How can we connect younger members of our congregation with older folks? How can we get past our personality differences and disagreements on budgets, aesthetics, theological interpretation, and so on, and live in unity in an ego-centric society?

    Thanks for a great day. I was fortunate to be a part of it.




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