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Monday, December 3, 2012

Strategic Plan Implementation Group Meeting November 29, 2012

The Strategic Plan Implementation Group met for their monthly meeting on Thursday November 29th. After receiving the Director for Mission and Ministry's report and discussions about matters that arose from it  the group turned its attention to the matter of Mutual Ministry and Performance Enhancement.  Material was distributed to the members in advance of the meeting so that members could inform themselves about the subject.   The Rev. Gary Nicolosi and Archdeacon Richard Salt both shared their personal experiences of working with support groups and with goal setting.  The two came from different perspectives, each adding something valuable to the conversation.  Gary's experience  was more about a support group that was able to listen, counsel and point him in various directions that would enhance his ministry.  Richard's experience was more about shared ministry and mutual accountability in setting goals and being accountable for achieving them.  The challenge for the SPIG is to find a model that interweaves some of these different aspects.  The group is planning to introduce the clergy to some of these concepts at the next clergy day.  SPIG believes that in order to live up to the mandate of the Strategic Plan this is an important program to implement in the diocese.   During the next month members will be contemplating the conversation with the intention of moving toward the development of our own diocesan program at the next meeting.

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