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Friday, March 23, 2012

Communication #6 from the Strategic Plan Implementation Group

The Strategic Plan Implementation Group met for it's March meeting on Thursday March 22, 2012.  The group heard a report from the Director for Mission and Ministry – The Venerable Richard Salt.  Highlights of that report included:
·         A message from the Diocesan Executive Staff stating that it had received the two documents prepared by the SPIG regarding Human Resources and that the Executive Staff would study the documents and formulate, over the next period of time, a reply and next steps.
·         The Rev. Canon Rich Jones has been appointed a member of the SPIG with the intent that he be a liaison between the group and the Diocesan Coaches.
·         The registration for the Lay Leadership Day in London has reached its maximum capacity of 180 persons.  Those who were unable to be registered have been encouraged to attend the day in Waterloo in April.
·         Work continues with a number of parishes or groups of parishes around the Diocese.

The Group heard a presentation about the RENEW campaign from Bishop Terry.  Archdeacon Richard reported that 37 parishes have received a visit from a bishop to date. Everyone is pleased with the progress of the quiet phase and with the momentum that is developing.  It is exciting to see how RENEW is dovetailing into the rest of the Strategic Plan’s implementation as it is providing both incentive for congregations to become involved in local strategic planning and financial resources to implement those plans. 

The group sent the following communication to the A & F committee:  The Strategic Plan Implementation Group wishes to express its concern to A & F about the practice of including the income from the Revolving Loan Fund and from the Huron Development Fund in the Annual Diocesan Budget.  While recognizing that this practice is within the regulations laid out in the canons of the Diocese, SPIG is concerned that this is not the best stewardship practice.  It believes that any income from these funds should be reinvested in the funds in order that they might be built up to better serve the strategic needs of the Diocese.  We therefore request that A & F reconsider this practice.  If it would seem unwise or impractical to end this practice in a single year then it is suggested that A & F consider phasing out this practice over a period of three to four years.  The SPIG looks forward to the response of A & F regarding this matter.

The Group did some work on its Synod 2012 presentation, appointed a sub-committee to report back regarding the skills that might be further developed by clergy and ordinands, and continued its work on plans for year 2 of the implementation of the Strategic Plan.  The group recommended that many of the vehicles of communication used during the first year of implementation be continued.  These programs included (but were not limited to) another diocesan wide study, more clergy days and more lay leaders day. 

The Group will not meet in April as the regular meeting date conflicts with the April Clergy Day.  It will meet at the regularly scheduled time in May.

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