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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Communication #5 from the Strategic Plan Implementation Group

The Strategic Plan Implementation Group met once again on Thursday February 23, 2012.  The Group heard a report from the Director for Mission and Ministry.  They were excited about the reports of an energizing Lay Leaders Day that was held at All Saints in Windsor on February 11th and about the fact that at the time of the meeting there were already 76 persons signed up for the London Day March 24th.  The group was also pleased to see some of the initiatives of the Strategic Plan starting to come to fruition with two developments at the Diocesan Council Meeting.  First, the Diocesan Council approved the report of the SPIG regarding scattering grounds and columbaria and established its recommendations as Diocesan policy.  This report is being posted as a separate post on this blog.  Secondly, the Diocesan Council received motions regarding the relocation of trust funds of two former parishes from the newly organized Council of Advice and passed motions based on that advice.  The SPIG believes following these procedures in the future will give rise to a more thoughtful relocation of such funds. 
The Group put some final touches on two papers it is presenting to the Diocesan Executive Staff regarding the recruitment and formation of clergy and the wise matching of clergy with congregations during the selection process.  These papers will form a basis for conversation with the Executive Staff and Bishops about these matters.  More detail will be published as the process continues.  In the meantime it can be said that the SPIG felt that the Diocese needs to do more to adequately prepare new clerics for their role.  The Group spent some time identifying the skills that they felt needed to be imparted both to new and to more seasoned clerics.  That work will continue as the Group meets again.
Recognizing that the first year of the implementation of the Strategic Plan is quickly coming to a close the Group spent some time discussing the value of some of the initial initiatives and what initiatives might take place during the second year. While details of a new year are still in the formative stage the Group felt that initiatives taken in the first year needed to be reinforced and carried through in the second year.  It did not see a major shift in direction for the plan.
Finally the Group spent time discussing its presentation to Synod.

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