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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Review - Ministry in Three Dimensions

Ministry in Three Dimensions – by Stephen Croft

In his book “Ministry in Three Dimensions” Stephen Croft examines the work of ordained ministry in light of our changing culture and circumstances.  He traces the biblical roots of the three-fold ministry of diakonia, presbyter and episcope and then points out how these roles have changed and developed over the centuries as the needs of the church have changed. He points out that authentic ministry that meets the needs of today’s church has elements of the traditional work of all three orders.  Personally I believe that those of us who are priests have not fully developed the various dimensions of the ministry we are called to. We were all ordained deacons and yet most of us considered it a transitory place and did not come to fully embrace the role of servanthood that deacons are called to.  The fact that we remain deacons after being priested does not always continue to form us as it should. Similarly, if we have grown up in the church of the 20th century we do not always see the need to provide locally the vision and leadership that have traditionally been the role of the episcope.  Croft’s book is a good read that encourages all who are ordained to reexamine what their ministry is about and how it needs to develop and grow to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

- Richard Salt

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